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Mount Equity Zendo, Jiho-ji is a meditation center within the Soto Zen 'Shiikantaza' tradition of Buddhism, dedicated to the practice of 'Just Sitting". A later branch developed which included the practice of 'Sitting Koans' in the Zendo, while Dogen taught "Studying Koans' in the study room. The heart of Zen is the cultivation of equanimity, patience, clarity, and compassion, supporting good health within oneís personal life as well as in the wider community.

MEZ is now located in Lewisburg, PA a short distance from I-80 and Route 15.

Mount Equity Zendo

The History of Jihoji

"Mt. Equity Zendo, Jihoji" means: Meditation place on a mountain of equanimity, a temple of compassionate teachings.

The building that served MEZ was originally an old Quaker manor that dated back to 1810. In the 1940s it was turned into an apartment building, housing, among others, Abbess Dai-Enís family. When the Abbess returned from 15 years of Zen training in Japan she rented one of the apartments and began offering classes and retreats in meditation.

After a few more years, with the help of a growing number of students and MEZ Friends, it became possible to make use of more of the apartments. In 1998 MEZ was incorporated and became a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization, and in 2000 MEZ purchased the building to serve as a Zen Meditation Center. Thanks to the on-going support and generosity of MEZ Friends, both in the United States and Japan, Abbess Dai-En was officially appointed as abbess of MEZ in May of 2005 by the Soto Zen School in Japan.

Mt. Equity Sangha "wall gazing"

In 2014 the large manor house in Pennsdale that housed Mt. Equity was sold in order to downsize, and an 1850s house, less than a mile away and next door to a circa-1799Quaker Meeting House, became a temporary refuge for practice. In 2017, Abbess Dai-En Bennage Roshi moved from Pennsdale to Lewisburg, and continues to offer the practice of zen meditation near the Susquehannah River.

Weekly meditation is offered in Lewisburg, 7pm to 9 pm, on Thursday evenings.  Abbess Dai-En is also available to officiate for weddings, baby blessings, funerals, and memorial ceremonies.

MEZ is a member of the American Zen Teachers' Association, the Association of Soto Zen Buddhism, and the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.
Mt. Equity Zendo offers Zen Meditation and the seamless practice of mindfulness.

For information on Mt. Equity's programs call 570-546-2784 or e-mail registrar.
Mt. Equity Zendo is located at 10 East Honeylocust Drive, Lewisburg, PA 17837-9221.

Telephone: 570-523-1990