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About Soto Zen Meditation

Soto Zen Shikantaza meditation is 'active non-doing'; there is no something that needs to be done. It is a practice that belongs to all humanity.

Before the Industrial Revolution, when people's lives were in greater harmony with the rhythms of the planet, meditation was a natural part of the daily, monthly, and yearly cycles. Today, however, because most people's lives are increasingly filled with activity it has become necessary for many to actively incorporate periods of meditation into daily life. Meditation is not unique to one religion, time period, or culture, but is found in various forms in all faiths, times, and societies, past and present.

Zen Meditation as it is practiced in the Soto School is distinctive in terms of its emphasis on our natural physical posture. Our state of mind is regulated by the posture of the body. Zen Master Dogen (1200-1254 c.e.), the founder of the Soto School in Japan writes in Universally Recommended Instructions for Zen Meditation:

“Straighten your body and sit upright, leaning neither left nor right, neither forward nor backward. Align your ears with your shoulders and your nose with your navel.”

Relaxation, peace of mind, joy, letting go of past mistakes, and living fully in the present moment are all fruits of meditation. The function of a Zen teacher is to skillfully guide students through this unfolding of the mind so that they return to their ordinary lives with a clearer perspective on how to love others, to be kinder and to be more open-hearted.

“Meditation relieves my mind of chatter and takes me to the place of pure joy that is underneath the noise.” -- Lucine Folgueras

"What a gem we have here at Mount Equity!  Practicing here has helped me live in freedom and peace." -- Christina Linhoff

The Soto School of Zen teaches that practice and enlightenment are not separate. There is not something that needs to be done in the practice of meditation so that realization comes about.

“Through the practice of Zen Meditation I have become more understanding and compassionate toward all beings.”
-- Marcy Brenner

At Mt. Equity Zendo we provide an atmosphere conducive to meditation, which helps deepen awareness of how we live our daily lives and how we are with others.

“Over the years, the most profound benefit from zen practice is that it has helped me to 'back off' from my emotional reactions within my family... anger, righteousness, impatience, fear... as a result, relationships improve.” -- Mary Boutselis

Mt. Equity Zendo offers Zen Meditation and the seamless practice of mindfulness.

For information on Mt. Equity's programs call 570-546-2784 or e-mail registrar.
Mt. Equity Zendo is located at 479 Village Rd. Pennsdale, PA 17756-7873