Brown Rice Porridge With Adzuki Beans

Brown Rice Porridge With Adzuki Beans

(6 servings)

1 cup short grain brown rice
6 1/2 cups water
1/8 cup Adzuki Beans, soaked 12 hours

This recipe can be done with a minimum use of energy and time. Soak the beans first thing the morning before you wish to have the porridge. The evening before, wash the rice and then cook it with the beans in the water. Once the water comes to a boil, allow it to simmer for 60 minutes on low heat, and then turn the heat off and let it sit on the burner overnight.. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID during this time, as it will disturb the cooking process. The next morning the rice will be ready; just warm up and serve the amount that you need.

Important Cooking Tips

1. Use short grain brown rice. You will not get the same results with long grain brown rice.
2. To wash rice, just cover the grains with water. Run your fingers through the rice alternating a few times in a clockwise/counter-clockwise direction. Pour the water through a strainer so you don’t lose any rice. Do this process two more times. This water is high in nutrition and can be used to water plants.
3. The water used to soak the beans should be fed to the plants, and not incorporated into the porridge. Disposing of the water will aid in the digestion of the beans.
4. You may find upon reheating the porridge that it is too thick. In that case, add water to desired consistency.

Brown rice with adzuki beans is the healthiest meal one eats in a Zen Monastery. Because of the enzymatic interaction between beans and rice, eaten together the nutritional value is greater than eating beans and rice separately.

The traditional condiments with brown rice porridge are “umeboshi”, or pickled plums, as well as “goma shio”, or sesame salt. Umeboshi can be purchased at an Asian foods market, and require no preparation. Eating one umeboshi a day, usually at the start of the day in a bowl of brown rice porridge is considered the best way to benefit from a macrobiotic diet. Just watch out for the pit! Take a little of the plum off the pit at a time to eat with each spoonful of porridge. Umeboshi are for the stomach in the east, what yogurt is for the stomach in the west. They are considered a medicine. One recent study which my Doctor gave me suggests that 40 grams of ground toasted sesame seeds per day reduces LDL cholesterol levels by 9.5%.

To prepare goma shio:
Toast 2 Tbsp. unhulled sesame seeds on high in a frying pan, stirring constantly so as to not burn. The seeds will turn light brown, pop, and give off a strong fragrance. It takes about 2 minutes. Put them in blender along with 2 tsp. salt and blend until well ground.

For the easiest way to learn how to cook brown rice come and learn it with us at MEZ, preferably on the morning of a ½ Day of Mindfulness. And take some home with you!

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